Ave D 

Thank you for your interest in Chashama’s Space to Create Program

We have a studio space available at 143 Avenue D (at 10th Street in Manhattan) with 24/7 access (note that there is a noise restriction after 9p). As with all our spaces, it is ours on a month-to-month basis, meaning the landlord can give us 30 days notice to vacate at any time.  Our current agreement for this space is through the spring with an option to extend at least another six months. So for now we can offer a reasonably workable space at a highly subsidized rate into next spring. 

Images of the space can be found here.

 It is $400/month with a $300 security deposit that you get back upon vacating the space in good standing.  Public transportation = L train to 1st Ave and/or M14D or M8 bus to Avenue D.  

 About the Space:

  • Cost: $400
  • Large window 
  • Two walls have shelving, one contains a window with a grate, the rest are drywall, 8' high.
  • No HVAC 
  • This space is communal with no doors- a a fire retardant curtain may be hung up in its place.
  • Bathroom
  • WIFI


What You Should Know Before Applying:


  • Time period: Due to the temporary nature of Chashama's spaces, all workspace agreements between the artist and Chashama are month to month. Nevertheless, Chashama has held workspaces in some locations for over ten years. Artists in good standing with Chashama have the option to renew their workspace annually, or withdraw from the program at any time after giving one month's notice.
  • Additional costs: All workspaces require a refundable $300 deposit.
  • Prohibited Materials and Processes: Due to the open floorplan, some materials and processes are not suited to our spaces. Please see this PDF for a list of prohibited materials and processes; this list is subject to change, with warning.
  • Eligibility: You must be 18 years or older to apply, be a U.S. Citizen, or have a valid visa longer than 6 months.
  • Work Samples:  Samples must reflect the work you’re proposing to do in the studios.
  • Chashama's workspaces are not live-work or storage space. Also, workspaces are not transferable to other artists.  
  • Organizations: if your organization whishes to apply on behalf of an artist for a workspace, please designate one person as the applicant on behalf of the organization.
  • Groups: two or more collaborative artists may apply together to share a space.
  • Chashama is a community; we request that our Space to Create artists support Chashama by engaging with us on social media and sharing their contact list.


 Materials You Will Need For Applying:

  • CV in PDF form
  • A description of your art-making materials
  • Your studio needs
  • Artist Statement (1500 words or less)
  • 5 images of recent work (.jpg, .png, .tiff: these may be stills from video work). If submitting video work, please link to externally hosted videos.