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Chashama is facilitating the purchase of one large painting of or about George Washington for a private client. The piece may be pre-existing or made for the space. The space where the painting is to be hung in a wood paneled nook that is roughly 117.5 in high x 102 in wide x 1 in deep.   

The painting should be unique and in honor of George Washington.  The client is particularly interested in creative ways to incorporate Washington's legacy into the imagery in out of the box ways.

Please read all information below before submitting a proposal.

Deadline for Consideration: December 17th, 2019 - 11:59PM.

  • If submitting pre-existing work: Please carefully measure pieces and include multiple views of each, with good lighting. A Photo-shopped collage of the piece in situ would be appreciated but is not required. Please include price per piece.
  • If proposing new pieces: Please include images (multiple views, good lighting) of at least three pre-existing pieces that relate to the proposed new pieces. Include sketches of proposed work.  Please include your price for creating the work.
  • You may submit existing works and propose new pieces in the same submission.

Materials You Will Need For Applying:

  • CV in PDF form
  • One reference (someone you have worked with or who knows you as an artist)
  • Brief Artist Statement/Bio (500 words or less)
  • Images of the pieces. If existing pieces: multiple views with good lighting. If proposed new works: sketches (multiple views) and photos of previous sculptures using the proposed techniques
  • If new works: timeline for completion
  • Prices